Avington Park Golf Course


Some information about work being carried out on the course and why it is done. Please do not hesiate to ask if you would like to know more.

Why are they doing that?
Top Dressing Greens

Top dressing after hollow coring is done to ensure the green soil profile does not become too compacted. It also helps to ensure there is not too much organic matter in the top few inches which holds water and can make the greens wet and soft. This layer also reduces percolation of water after rain. The top dressing aids water percolation.
Top dressings are also used to help produce a level and faster putting surface.


Turf requires deep healthy roots to absord minerals and water. Aeration allows more air to be held in the root zone. This aeration can be done by removing hollow cores or punching solid tines or knives into the green, this then allows the roots to penetrate further and promotes better topgrowth.



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