Avington Park Golf Course


Existing E-players and Prepay card holders may login on this page. Using the information received on your email.

If you have not previously registered then please follow the link to register as an E-Player. Once confirmed (which may take 48 hours) you will be able to login and book a tee time. Payment will be taken at the clubhouse.

Existing E-Players and Prepay may login here

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For regular visitors, registering as an E-Player is the easiest way to reduce the cost of playing.  This offers you a 10% discount on visitor pay and play rates.  A simple registration process will give you full access to the booking system. Registration requires an email address (not currently registered) and a 6 digit number of your choice. You will be notified when this has been approved. Once active you will also be able to view all the areas of the website to get a better understanding of all the activity within the club.


Looking for an even better deal? The the prepay option is the way to go. Cards can be purchsed at the clubhouse giving you 6 rounds for the price of 5 a 16.67% discount. For £82 you can buy the card which is drawn down each time you play. Further top ups can be purchased when needed for a minimum of £50.

A great way to help reduce the cost of playing.


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